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Letter From J. W. Allen, Water Valley, Mississippi, To Confederate Veteran Magazine.

In renewing his subscription, J. W. Allen, of Water Valley, Miss., wrote the he is "a liftime subscriber," that the VETERAN is in the lead with him over all other publications. "I am now on borrowed time," he says, "nearing my eightieth year. My health is good, and I work some every day. I am glad I was a Confederate soldier, although we lost what is called a righteous cause. I served for three years, six months, and twenty days, and am yet a prisoner of war, as I never did take what the negroes called 'the damnasty oath.' I was paroled when I surrendered. If any of the VETERAN's readers can furnish a copy of that old song, 'The Happy Land of Canaan,' I would like to see it in the VETERAN."

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, December, 1922.

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