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Medical and Report of Death of Private J. Bradley, 25th North Carolina Infantry.

Case of Private J. Bradley, D, 25th North Carolina (TABLE XXXVIII, No. 32, p. 308), admitted to Chimborazo Hospital, Richmond, June 25, 1862, with a slight wound of patella and integuments covering it, not penetrating joint. July llth, patella partially necrosed; gangrene appeared on inner and outer aspect of knee joint, showing tendency to spread. July 18th, amputation of thigh at junction of middle and upper thirds. Death July 18, 1862, a few minutes after the operation. A remark on the hospital register explains: "The wound was deemed of trifling importance until the llth, when the patella was discovered to be necrosed. The chloroform may have contributed to the unfavorable result, for it caused him to vomit freely, and he was unable to retain any stimulants on his stomach."

SOURCE: Medical and Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion. Volume 2, Part 3.

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