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Brock Taylor Templeton

Article About J. M. Brock Recovering His Son's, Hayden Brock's, Body.

A FATHERS DEVOTION.-J. A. Templeton, of Jacksonville, Tex., gives an instance of remarkable devotion: "Hayden Brock, son of J. M. Brock, who lived near Jacksonville, Tex., enlisted in Capt. James Taylor's company, which was part of the 22d Texas Infantry. In the year 1863 this command was in Arkansas, some three hundred miles from Jacksonville, Tex., when Hayden Brock sickened and died, It is said that his mother insisted that the father go and bring his body home, which he did, making the journey through the wilds of Arkansas in a two horse wagon, and returning alone with his son's body, which was interred in the family burying ground. On the return trip Mr. Brock camped out in the lonely forests, making his camp fires near the wagon in which rested the body of his son. The grave of this young Confederate can now be seen in the family burying ground inclosed within an iron fence."

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, February, 1915.

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