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Armentrout Bragg Gallaher Janney Littleton McGarry Painter Quick Starry Strider Williams

Report of Confederate Veteran Deaths at Charlestown, West Virginia.

Jefferson County Camp, of Charlestown, W. Va., reports the death of the following comrades since Memorial Day, 1915:

G. W. Armentrout, 1st Missouri Regiment, Cochrane's Brigade.
William Bragg, Staunton Home Guards.
C. F. Gallaher, Company A, 2d Virginia Infantry.
J. T. Littleton, Mosby's Battalion.
Tustin Starry, Company B, 12th Virginia Cavalry.
Campbell Janney, Moore's 2d Virginia Infantry.
Isaac Strider, Company B, 12th Virginia Cavalry.
Rev. J. T. Williams, Mosby's Battalion.
John Quick, Company A, White's Battalion.
James McGarry, Company D, 12th Virginia Cavalry.
Joseph Painter, 10th Virginia Infantry.

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, March, 1916.

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