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List of Deaths of Confederate Veterans at Commerce, Georgia.
John H. Morgan Camp, No. 1330

The following list gives the loss in membership of John H. Morgan Camp, U. C. V., at Commerce, Ga., since its organization in 1900: Oliver Tolbert, W. T. Harbor, W. T. Nunn, W. B. Jackson, J. Z. Cooper, William Barnett, William Bone, J. E. Massey, Jefferson Sanders, L. M. Gober, W. T. M. Brock, J. H. Burns, C. T. Nash, Jasper N. Wood, Marion P. Wood, Jesse P. Wood, James O. Wood, Dr. W. A. Nelson, W. D. Carrington, R. W. Howington, T. J. Carr, W. A. Borders, Charley Allen, H. S. Cook, Sterling Jackson, James T. Rodgers, John Minish, Jefferson Jennings, Henry F. Hoyt, D. D., J. C. Wade, W. C. Farabee, W. D. Power, W. B. Power, James Sailors, T. J. McClain, Gus Allen, A. H. Nix, J. B. Hix, F. T. Webb, David B. Hall, P. H. Wright, William F. Langston, E. P. Eberhart, R. S. Eidson, W. French Lord, D. S. McWhirter, Charles Freeman, W. M. Smith, T. H. Self, B. T. Mercier, R. Z. Vaughn, W. S. Edwards, J. T. Moore, A. J. Cobb, William Anthony Quillian, Shannon A. Langston, William M. Potts, Mannen P. Alexander, M. D.

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, June, 1915.

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