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Bonham Bowen Bradley Freeman Fuller Martin Merrick Williams

Letter From Mrs. G. T. Fuller For Soldiers at Water Valley, Kentucky 1861-1862.

Mrs. George T. Fuller, Mayfield, Ky., would like to hear from any survivor of the following regiments who were at Camp Beauregard, near Water Valley, Ky., during the winter of 1861-62; 1st Missouri Infantry (John S. Bowen, colonel, later brigadier general); 22d Tennessee Infantry (Thomas J. Freeman, colonel); 27th Tennessee Infantry (Christopher H. Williams, colonel); 22d Mississippi (D. W. C. Bonham, colonel); 25th Mississippi Infantry (later 2d Confederate Infantry, John D. Martin, colonel); 10th Arkansas Infantry (T. D. Merrick, colonel); King's Battalion, Kentucky Cavalry, Companies A, B, C, and D (captains, King, Pell, Swan, Guthrie).


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