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Obituary of W. G. Fulton, Goldman, Louisiana

W. G. Fulton, of Goldman, La., died June 30, 1914, at the age of sixty-three years. He was color bearer for Jeff Davis Legion and a member of the organization from the beginning to the end. The following is a quotation from a letter written to him a few years ago by an old comrade: "No account of Jeb Stuart's or Hampton's movements during our war can be written without linking you and me as copartners with them-small figures, yet a part, without a break, from the beginning to the end of the worlds greatest struggle in blood and carnage-so when a man writes of those giants he necessarily includes you as part of the narrative."

Comrade Fulton had been a subscriber to the Confederate Veteran from the very first.

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, August, 1915.

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