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Graber McNeilly

The Life Record Of H. W. Graber, a Terry Texas Ranger.
(Reviewed by James H. McNeilly, D. D.)

The story of a heroic life should be inspiring to youth as well as interesting to age. In this record of H. W. Graber we have the story of a life of heroism in the face of difficulties and dangers that would have overwhelmed a weak or timid soul. H. W. Graber was born in Bremen, Prussia, in 1841. At twelve years of age he came with his father to Texas. In one year his parents died, leaving him with the care of younger children. The orphan boy bravely undertook the task; and, with the help of an uncle, by his faithfulness and efficiency he made good. He had received the elements of a good education before leaving his native land, and this added to his effectiveness in service and formed the basis of a wider culture.

When the War between the States began in 1861, he at once took the side of the South as the cause of liberty and righteousness. The larger portion of this volume is the account of thrilling experiences as a member of that noted command, Terry's Texas Rangers. It is a story of arduous service, of dangerous expeditions of daring achievements, of fearful perils escaped, of a heroism that never hesitated in the performance of duty. Then came that nightmare for the South, the days of Reconstruction. And his experiences in those trying times are a revelation of courage that defied the forces of outrageous tyranny and oppression.

This record of sixty-two years is valuable as history, showing the spirit of the Confederate soldiers in the contest for constitutional liberty and also the spirit of our foes, culminating in the horrors of Reconstruction. Comrade Graber has rendered a real service to our cause. Only a limited edition of the book was issued, and only a few copies reamain. Order from Gen. H. W. Graber, 1714 Bennett Avenue, Dallas, Tex. Price, $2, postpaid.

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, June, 1916.

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