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Conrad Gantt Harris Johnson

Obituary of Margaret Ann Cox Harris, Osceola, Missouri.
In Memoriam

Of all the thoughts of God that are
Borne inward unto souls afar
Along the Psalmist's music deep,
Now tell me if there any is
For gift or grace surpassing this:
"He giveth his beloved sleep."

In September last there passed into eternal rest a beautiful character of the olden times, Mrs. Margaret Ann Cox Harris, a lady of ante-bellum days; one who lived through the troublous times of the War between the States, but who never forgot her Southern hospitality; one who had so much of the "milk of human kindness" in her nature that, strong as she was in her love of the Confederacy and the heroes of that mighty conflict, she never chersihed in her heart a bitter thought of those on the other side. Although her home in Osceola, Mo., was reduced to ashes, her family silver and old mahogany furniture scattered to the four winds, she was never known to murmur or complain. Her irreperable loss as a result of that war was the passing away of her gallant husband who served the Confederacy as a surgeon and died from exposure in the army. She remained true to his memory and to his Confederate principles and taught her children to refere the cause and the land for which he gave his life.

Mrs. Harris was a loyal Daughter of the Confederacy, a constant reader of the VETERAN, and had a deep appreciation of the valuable work it is doing in publishing and preserving the true history of our boys in gray.

She passed away at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. T. Johnson, who, with one other daughter, Mrs. Sara E. Conrad, is left to cherish her memory. Her body rests beside her loved ones in the quiet little cemetery on the hill of her native town, Osceola, there to await the "touch of the fonger of God," when she will awake from her sleep.

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, January, 1915.

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