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Obituary of Charles R. Holmes, South Carolina.

In the passing of Charles Rutledge Holmes on September 13, 1915, South Carolina lost one if the knightliest of her sons. He was born in Charleston, and before he had reached the seventeenth year of his age the dread drumbeat of war resounded throughout the State. He was one of the earliest to answer to the call of Governor Pickens and became a member of the Marion Artillery, a company composed of the highest type of citizen soldier. When the "Cadet Company" was formed, most of the members having been cadets at the Citadel Academy, he enlisted in its ranks, It became Company F, 6th Regiment of South Carolina Cavalry, and formed part of Hampton's famous cavalry corps of the Army of Northen Virginia. Charles Holmes was consicuous for courage and daring, and in camp and on the march he was ever cheerful. His comrades were ardent in their attachment to him. He was wounded in one of the fights in Virginia.

During the Reconstruction period, as a member of the Carolina Rifle Battalion, he also gave faithful and efficient service. He was one of the most popular officers of that devoted and determined body of Charlestonians.

It was not alone as a soldier or as a patriot the "Charlie" Holmes, as he was called by his admiring friends, was esteemed and loved. His gentle and generous nature, frank and confiding manner, manly bearing, and inflexible integrity made him a favorite everywhere. He was welcomed at the couch of the sick and suffering, for his presence brought hope and cheer, and when fortune smiled upon him he was as liberal in his benefactions as he was faithful and honorable.

For months Charles Holmes had been a great sufferer, and as he lay and languished he exhibited a fortitude that was comparable to the courage he displayed in the path of danger and of duty.

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, June, 1916.

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