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Doak Humphrie

Letter Reporting Location of Grave of A. J. Humphrie, Alabama

By Mrs. W. B. Doak, Fairfax Station, Va.

Time has crumbled a rough-hewn stone which some comrade placed at the head of A. J. Humphrie's grave, not far from the historic stream Bull Run. We do not know whether he fell in the first or second battle, but he belonged to COmpany H, 12th Alabama Infantry, though only a letter or two of the last word is plain.

A child came across the broken marker under the spreading branches of great old walnut trees, where many dead lie under the blue grass, awaiting the day when all Easter promises will be fulfilled.

As time has worn the old marker, it also may have healed the sorrow of some heart left to wonder what became of this soldier who marched away from Dixie Land way back in the sixties. Or, it may be that one of a succeeding generation may recall the story of some dear old relative who died wishing that she knew where her boy was sleeping. Of course, all trace of the grave was gone, but it may be that some one who reads this will be glad to know of the slab, which tells so little and yet awakens memories and touches hearts to whom such relics are sacred.

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, May, 1922.

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