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Cook Dampeer Jones Rea

Obituary of Dr. Robert E. Jones, Crystal Springs, Mississippi.

Dr. Robert E. Jones, born October 5, 1843, died at his home in Crystal Springs, Miss., on October 24, 1921. He entered the Confederate army when quite a boy and was a loyal soldier of the Southern cause, but had no bitterness in his heart for those who fought on the other side. He was a member of the famous 36th Mississippi and was actively engaged with this regiment at Vicksburg, Dalton, Kenesaw Mountain, Atlanta, Franklin, Nashville, and numerous other places, surrendering at Blakely, Ala. Only two of his company who entered the war with him are known to be living: W. B. Cook and Dr. Robert Rea, both of this county (Copiah). Dr. Jones possessed in an unusual degree an ardent love of country, and during the Spanish-American War and the great World War he manifested his patriotism in many ways.

Dr. Jones graduated in medicine at the Tulane University in 1869, and for more than fifty years practiced his profession. He was an earnest student and kept posted in the advances of the science of medicine. He had been President of the Mississippi Medical Association and took an active interest in its affairs. He was a public spirited citizen and took an active interest in the affairs of the town, county and State. Of striking personality, he was a man among men, and could always be counted on the moral side of every question. Great as were his qualities as a citizen, useful as was his life in his Church, it was, perhaps among those whom he ardently loved and into those homes he so often went in a professional way that the real qualities of the man showed to the best advantage.

He was an earnest Christian and bravely faced the great beyond because his record was clean here. A prince among men, his influence for good will always abide among those who knew and loved him.

[J. M. Dampeer, M. D.]

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, April, 1922.

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