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Letter from Col. Edward L. Molineux to Capt. H.L. Pearson explaining why certain Confederate Prisoners will nto be exchanged.

In the Field, New Iberia, La., December 13, 1863.

Capt. H. L. PIERSON, Jr.,
Assistant Adjutant-General, New Orleans:

SIR: The rolls of prisoners of war were duly received per hands of Captain Benton.

Maj. W. M. Levy, commissioner in behalf of Maj. Gen. R. Taylor, commanding Confederate forces Western Louisiana, and myself as commissioner in behalf of Maj. Gen. W. B. Franklin, commanding U. S. forces in the said district, have agreed upon an exchange by which the prisoners, officers and men, named upon your rolls will be exchanged at the stage station midway between New Iberia and Vermilionville some tune in the early part of next week, and I will give you timely notice when to send the said prisoners to this point. Until they are delivered by you into my hands it will be necessary still to keep them strictly guarded, for should any escape it will cause a loss to us in the said exchange.

The following parties need not be sent and will be retained by you or disposed of as you deem proper, as they are not included in the exchange, for explanation of which see remark opposite to their names:

Lieut. Col. George W. Guess, Thirty-first Texas, captured by Major-General Herron, reported by them as a traitor and deserter on field of battle. Our reason, "not in this command."

Maj. R. A. Howard, C.S. Army, Major General Pemberton's command, east side of Mississippi.

Privates Jules Duhon, Marshal Faber, Antoine Guidry, Sergt. A. D. Landry, Corpl. Alfred Peck, of Twenty-sixth Louisiana Volunteers, Major-General Pemberton's command; supposed to be paroled at Vicksburg.

I am, captain, your obedient servant,
Colonel and Commissioner for Exchange of Prisoners
In behalf of Maj. Gen. W. B. Franklin, U. S Army.

Source: Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, Series 2, Volume 6

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