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Census of Confederate Veterans Living in Pope County, Arkansas.

A work to be commended is that undertaken by Commander F. M. Taylor, of Ben T. Embry Camp No. 977, of Russellville, Ark., who has compiled a llist of all surviving persons in Pope County who served under the Confederate flag. The list totals fifty-four, the youngest of whom is 74, and the oldest 92. Most of these veterans are active members of Ben T. Embry Camp and seldom miss the annual reunions held in August at Gravel Hill camp ground north of Russellville. This is one of the most active U. C. V. Camps in the State.

Following are the living members of Ben T. Embry Camp, all of whom saw active service in the War between the States:

Russellville.-R. C. Berryman, 78; W. M. Oates, 74; Capt. R. J. Wilson, 86; R. O. Morton, 75; H. H. Youngblood, 77; Capt. J. W. Russell, 82; L. C. White, 84; H. S. Simpson, 77; John Clingman, 78; W. A. McKinney, 76; H. H. Baird, 77; Dr. R. H. Gardner, 76; S. A. Henry, 80; J. W. Standford, 76; W. J. Evans, 77; R. C. Loflin, 79; C. D. Hendrick, 77; W. J. Sherrill, 80; G. W. Walker, 79; J. R. Rankin, 79

Atkins.-D. B. Wheeler, 77; Elbert Slicker, 74; T. B. Burnett, 74; J. N. Burnett, 83; J. D. Hogan, 83; W. P. Lazanby, 77; Thomas H. Farmer, 77; Byerly, W. M., 74; J. C. Alewine, 79; A. J. Barham, 77, J. W. Johnson, 76.

Dover.-R. C. Bowden, 77; W. H. Poynter, 75; C. M. Adams, 74; F. M. Taylor, 75; A. L. Cashell, 79; W. S. Hutchinson, 76.

Scottsville.-J. B. Curtis, 75; M. T. Hale, 79; J. W. Sanders, 79; Sam Brummett, 85; B. B. Baker, 97; J. P. Turner, 77; J. F. Ledford, 78.

Hector.-W. D. Van Zandt, 74; R. I. Griffin, 77; D. M. Griffin, 80.

Gumlog.-T. P. McCain, 78; J. A. Byers, 85.

London.-W. H. Spillers, 79; J. C. Clayton, 77.

A. J. Shields, 75, Nogo; S. G. Harris, 80, Ross; G. P. Minor, 79, Pottsville.

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, June, 1922.

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