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Memo to John E. Mulford from Ro. Ould requesting status of prisoners, October 30, 1864.

OCTOBER 30, 1864.

Memoranda sent Maj. John P. Mulford.

I will thank you to send the following as soon as you can: Private R. W. Drewry, Third Virginia Cavalry, at Elmira; Capt. C. T. Smith, Thirty-sixth Battalion Virginia Cavalry, Camp Chase; Lieut. John N. Shorter, Thirty-first Alabama, Johnson's Island; Willard Davis (captain of merchantman), Fort Lafayette; Lieut. S. G. Grasty (Morgans command), Camp Chase.

Private A. A. Williams, of the Maryland cavalry, is, I understand, at Fort Warren, undergoing sentence as a spy. He only went to Maryland for the purpose of getting a horse, and never acted or intended to act as a spy. I have no doubt but that the evidence in the case shows that fact. Will you not treat him as a prisoner of war and subject to exchange?

I understand that a Confederate soldier by the name of Albert W. Cushman is now confined at Alton penitentiary. He belonged to Colonel Richardson's command, Twelfth Tennessee Cavalry. When captured he was acting in obedience to orders and discharging the duties of a soldier. Will you not release him? Please let me know how he is held.

I will be very much obliged to you if you will at your next trip send the following-named officers and men, to wit:

Capt. Claiborne Snead, Third Georgia; Capt. J. Dudley Whitehead, Third Virginia; Capt. W. B. Seawell, Twelfth Louisiana Battalion Artillery; Captain Whitfield, Alabama regiment; Lieut. William J. Stanford, Forty-sixth Alabama; all at Johnson's Island. I have been very specially solicited as to these officers, and hope they will be sent. Of course I will give equivalents.

I will thank Colonel Mulford to inform me whether Lient. William G. Nixon, Eighteenth North Carolina, is a prisoner in the hands of the Federal authorities, He was severely wounded at Gettysburg July, 1863, and left on the field.

Dr. S. K. Jackson and Joseph Mead, citizens of Virginia, are confined in Fort Warren as hostages for Doctor Hamilton and Mr. Culbertson. As these two latter gentlemen have been released and sent North, will you not liberate the first two named?

I will thank you to deliver to me by next flag of truce Lieut. Thomas O'Conner, who is now at Johnsons Island. Also Mr. Hipshir, at Knoxville jail, and Mr. Clarkson, at Camp Chase.

I will thank you to make inquiry about Private Keary Cooper, Twenty-first Mississippi, who was wounded and captured on the 19th of October in the Valley of Virginia. Will you not deliver him for an equivalent? Please ascertain as soon as you can where he is.

I will thank you to inform me for what offense Mrs. James Woodward is now held in Norfolk City jail.


SOURCE: Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, Series 2, Volume 7, pg. 1066

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