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Brooks Dunbar Shirley Sterling

Obituary of Samuel Shirley, Woodward, S.C.

Samuel Shirley entered this world on the 22d of February, 1842, and, having lived a worthily for almost seventy-eight years, he was laid to rest in Concord Cemetery, at Woodward, S. C., on Februrary 12, 1920.

Responding to the call of his country, Samuel Shirley entered the Confederate army on February 23, 1862, as a member of Company H, under Capt. J. H. Brooks, _____ South Carolina Regiment. He was wounded at Drewery's Bluff and was in the brigade hospital at the close of the war. Once when Col. U. R. Brooks was badly wounded young Shirley gave him what assistance he could render. Meeting at a Reunion many years afterwards, Colonel Brooks gratefully remembered the kindness, and they became great friends, keeping up correspondence until death intervened.

Returning to his home and devastated State after the surrender, Mr. Shirley took up farming as his life work. A momentus event in his life occurred on St. Valentine's Day of 1867, when he and Peggie Dunbar united their hearts as one. Now their children and children's rise up to call them blessed. He was a consistent member of the Baptist Church.

ever loyal to the cause for which he fought, he loved the Confederate Veteran, and as long as he was able to see he read and reread each copy and had said that he doubted whether any other subscriber came as near reading every word in it as he did.

[Miss Ella Sterling, Blackstock, S. C.]

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, May, 1920.

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