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George Hanna Shumate

Obituary of Robert Y. Hayne Shumate, Piedmont, South Carolina.

Robert Y. Hayne Shumate died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. R. George, in Piedmont, S. C., on February 17, 1922, after an illness of some weeks.

Bob Shumate was one of four brothers in the same company in the Confederate army, the Butler Guards of Greenville, S. C., which was Company B of the 2nd Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers, Kershaw's Brigade, McLaw's Division, Longstreet's Corps, A. N. V. Of him it was said that he never missed a battle in which his company took part. He was wounded in 1864, and his brother James was killed in the same year at the battle of Cold Harbor.

He was a leading member of Crittenden Camp, No. 707 U. C. V., and was greatly interested in its reunions. As a subscriber of the VETERAN, he took great pleasure in passing his copy along to others who were interested. The writer of this sketch had the pleasure and honor to know Mr. Shumate for many months before he died, and had the privilege of hearing of his wonderful experiences many times.

While attending the great meeting of the Blue and Gray at Gettysburg in 1913, Mr. Shumate met some Yankee veterans, who said jokingly, "Well, we whipped the South," to which he replied, "No you didn't; we wore ourselves out whipping you."

Above everything else, Mr. Shumate was a good man and took an active interest in all that tended to make his community better, His influence was such that it was a blessing to be associated with him.

(Charles B. Hanna, S. C. V.)

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, October, 1922.

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