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Brooks Dennis Frank Glass Hogan Howard Mashburn Paschall Perry Reinhardt Thomas White

Deaths of Confederate Veteran at Terrell, Texas.

Vic Reinhardt, Adjutant, reports the following losses to the membership of Camp Stuart in 1914:

W. A. Paschall, Company B, 3d Kentucky Mounted Infantry.

T. L. Frank, Company I, 18th Texas Cavalry.

B. F. Mashburn, Company E, 7th Tennessee Cavalry.

John W. White, Company F, 10th Virginia Cavalry.

William K. White, Company I, 7th Texas Cavalry.

T. C. Glass, Company K, 1st Georgia Cavalry (first in 4th Alabama).

William H. Brooks, Company K, 6th Texas Cavalry.

Patrick Hogan, first lieutenant Company H, 4th Virginia Infantry.

Rev. O. P. Thomas, Company I, 26th Alabama Infantry.

Dorsey B. Howard, Company C, 14th Arkansas Infantry.

In 1915 we have two other deaths:

W. C. Dennis, Company G, 12th Texas Cavalry.

Ed. C. Perry, second lieutenant Company K, 17th Texas Infantry.

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, August, 1915.

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