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Hare Vann

Obituary of John M. Vann, Arkansas.

John M. Vann went to Arkansas with his parents in 1850, when he was only five years of age, and his home was always within a few miles of the spot selected by his father, Renselear Vann, for a home when he went from Fayette County, Tenn. to Cross County (then St. Francis), Ark.

Just as he was preparing to go away to school the war came on, and John, like many other boys, felt the call of duty and made a brave young soldier. He was only nineteen when the war closed. He enlisted in Company A, McGee's Regiment and served nearly four years.

Mr. Vann engaged in business in 1868 and continued the life of a merchant-farmer for forty-five years. He was successful and enjoyed the fullest confidence of a loyal line of customers, who came to him for advice and counsel even in most intimate and private matters. The statesman sought his advice; the politician begged his support, because a multitude followed when it became known that the candidate would have the support of J. M. Vann; the widow trusted him; the broken-hearted confided in him; the preacher leaned on upon him. He never sought a crowd, but once in it he was the life of it. He loved a clean story and was an artist in telling one.

He was married to Miss Ida Hare, daughter of Rev. Thomas Hare, and there children were Claude, Thomas, and Bessie.

The Confederate Veteran was always read, reread, and carefully filed away. It is now read with great interest by his children and grandchildren.

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, January, 1920.

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