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Confederate Memoranda on George W. Walker, taken Charlestown [West] Virginia, circa 1861-1862.

George W. Walker.-Says he was born in Waynesborough, Franklin County, Pa., and was raised there. Had several friends who were three-month's volunteers in Patterson's army. He expected they would be discharged. He wanted to see the army. Went with a friend, William H. Broterton, to Martinsburg to see them. At Martinsburg he was informed the army had gone to Bunker HIll. They went to Bunker HIll and were informed the army had gone to Charlestown. They were arrested by a scouting party on the 16th of July. Says he is a citizen of the United States, opposed to the present administration of that Government and determined to give no aid to the war. He says he has relations in the South and before the war commenced he promised them not to take up arms. Names the Rev. Mr. Bittinger as the person to whom he first made the promise. His conduct in prson has been uniformly correct. I recommend he be held as a prisoner of war, and as he has been here six months I respectfully recommend he be placed in the first exchanges.

SOURCE: Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, Series 2, Volume 2, pg. 1484-1485

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