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Confederate Memoranda on Caleb Wriston, taken Virginia circa 1861-1862

Caleb Wriston.-Born in Fayette County. Raised on the Clear Fork of Coal River. Now lives on Johnson's Branch of Loop Creek, near its head. Says he has been at home all summer except to go to mill and to go twice to his fathers on the Clear Fork of Coal. Says he moved last spring from Paint Creek and this spring has had part of his crop on the place from which he moved, four or five miles from where he now lives. Does not know who were members of the home guard except from report. Saw the Northern troops the day he was arrested. They were stationed on Loop Creek. William Johnson, prisoners brother, John Wriston, prisoner and another neighbor came down the branch going to mill. They were stopped by the pickets and on request of William Johnson were suffered to pass. Did not hear the conversation between Johnson and the officers. Does not know what Johnson said. They went to the mill and were arrested by Caskie Rangers. He says this was the only time he ever saw the Northern troops. Another time they came up Loop Creek but he did not see them. He says when Caskie Rangers before this came up Loop Creek all the men on the creek ran off. The men on Johnson's Branch remained at home. Says when Jenkin's cavalry came up the branch he sold them his grain and gave them his apples. The Northern men afterward threatened the men on the branch with destruction because they were "secesh." Captain Caskie and Mr. Ticknor, private in the Caskie Rangers, aided me in this examination. Both of them say they know nothing against this man. I recommend his discharge on taking the oath of allegiance.

SOURCE: Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, Series 2, Volume 2, pg. 1474

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