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Soldiers are listed under States they served under, not States of residence. We have found many instance where a soldier was from one State, but fought in a unit from another State.

We list soldiers under "CSA" when we have good evidence they served but cannot prove which State they served under or they are listed as serving in a "CSA" unit.

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Last Name: Winston

Documents With Last Name Winston in it.
Name State URL
James Winston Alabama Obituary of Charles A. Ramsey, Greensboro, North Carolina.
James Winston Alabama Obituary of James M. Winston, Ramsey Station, Alabama.
Jimmie E. Winston Alabama Obituary of Andrew Jackson Richards, Cleburne, Texas.
John A. Winston Alabama T. C. Monroe's History of Eighth Alabama Regiment.
Eunice Winston Georgia Obituary of Joseph S. Horsley, West Point, Georgia.
George H. Winston Georgia Obituary of James Franklin Bolton, Bennettsville, South Carolina.
G. D. Winston Mississippi Confederate Veteran Deaths at Corinth, Mississippi.
Judith Winston Tennessee Obituary of Sarah Ewing Gaut, Frankin, Tennessee.
Winston Texas Report of Mutiny of Adrian V. Vidal, Fort Brown, Texas.
Jimmie E. Winston Texas Obituary of Andrew Jackson Richards, Cleburne, Texas.
Val Graham Winston Texas Obituary of William A. Obenchain, Bowling Green, Kentucky.
Bessie Winston Virginia Obituary of Thomas Lafayette Rosser, Charlottesville, Virginia.
Patrick Henry Winston Washington Obituary of Patrick Henry Winston, Spokane, Washington.

Soldiers named Winston That Served States Other Than Their Resident States
Name State Served: Resident State: View Record
S. Winston Mississippi Sumter County Alabama
A. A. Winston Mississippi Green County Alabama
T. J. Winston Mississippi Fayette County Tennessee
E. P. Winston Mississippi Sumter County Alabama
W. B. Winston Confederate States Columbus Mississippi

Confederate Soldiers Named Winston Who Served in Units From One State, But Enlisted in Another State
Name State Served State Enlisted From Record
R. Winston Kentucky Tennessee

Alternate Spellings for Winston

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