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Not for fame or reward,
Not for place or for rank,
Not lured by ambition,
Or goaded by necessity,
But in Simple
Obedience to Duty
As they understood it,
These men suffered all,
Dared all--and died.

Inscription on monument to Confederate Dead, Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA

We care not whence they came.
Dear in their lifeless clay.
Whether unknown or known to fame.
Their cause and country still the same.
They died-and wore the gray.

Confederate Memorial, Groveton Confederate Cemetery, Manassas, VA

The world has never seen better soldiers than those who followed Lee, and their leader will undoubtedly rank as, without any exception, the very greatest of all great captains that the English speaking peoples have brought forth.

President Theodore Roosevelt

That army [Army of Northern Virginia] had by discipline alone a character for steadiness and efficiency unsurpassed, in my judgement, in ancient or modern times. We have not been able to rival it.

General Joe Hooker
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