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Memoranda on arrest of Robert Allen, Prince William County, Virginia. 1862

Robert Allen.-Sent on in the same manner with Kelly. Prisoner says he was born in Prince William County. Lives at Occoquan Mills. Says he does not know the cause of his arrest. Has not been in Washington or across the Potomac for twelve months. Has not been four miles from home since the war began. Never has been inside of the enemys lines. Never saw a Yankee soldier since he came to Richmond. Never, that he knew, saw anyone from the inside of the enemy's lines after communication was prohibited. His sympathies are with the South. Voted for the President of the Confederate States and member of Confederate Congress. Colonel Brawner proves prisoner is a man of good character. Has never heard his fidelity to the South questioned. Prisoner lives in a village in which many Republicans lived and this has affected the reputation of all its inhabitants, but he says the impression of the neighborhood is the prisoner is faithful to the South. The prisoner did not act with the Republican party. Mr. Lynn proves the prisoner is a man of good character and faithful to the South. I recommend the discharge of Allen for the same reasons I recommended Kelly. Both these men should take the oath of allegiance.

SOURCE: Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, Series 2, Volume 2, pg. 1444

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