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Anderson Buzhardt

Article About Service Of Eleven Anderson Brothers From Waterloo, South Carolina
By O. M. Buzhardt, Newberry, S. C.

From Waterloo, S. C., during the War between the States, eleven brothers by the name of Anderson went forth to defen Southern homes and firesides. The names of these soldiers were; D. W., R. W., C. S., George, Adolphus, Thomas, John, Joel, Patrick, and Benjamin Anderson. Four were in the Western army (one of them an engineer), one was a member of the 2d South Carolina Regiment, two were in James's Battalion, Kershaw's Brigade, one was a member of a cavalry regiment, two were incapacitated to serve in the ranks and were assigned to a different branch of the army, and the youngest, on account of age, was with the State troops. One was killed in Virginia, and one was wounded in the battle of the Wilderness. The casualties of those in the Western army are not at hand. All have passed over the river except two, now past threescore and ten.

Mr. George Anderson and Mrs. Amelia Smith Anderson were the uncrowned king and queen of this remarkable family of sixteen children all told. Mr. Anderson was born about the close of the eighteenth century, Mrs. Anderson four years later, and both attained a patriarchal age.

I am disposed to challeng our Southland to produce the name of a family that gave more sons to fight for Southern rights.

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, June, 1915.

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