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Beauregard Harney

Obituary of Henry T. Beauregard, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Henry T. Beauregard, last sone of the noted Confederate general P. G. T. Beauregard, died in New Orleans on February 5, 1915. He was born at St. Bernard, near New Orleans, in April, 1845. As a small boy Mr. Beauregard attended school in New Orleans and was later sent to the Charleston Military Academy. His youth barred him from enlistment in the Confederate service in the early part of the war, but during the last two years of the struggle, while still under twenty, he served on his father's staff.

After the close of hostilities he returned to his father's estate in St. Bernard, known as the Lower Magnolia Plantation, and some years later he became an independent planter, devoting his attention to the raising of rice. With a comfortable fortune made on his plantation, he went to San Diego, Cal., and entered the real estate business, winning further success. During his residence in San Diego he met and married Miss Nettie Harney, of St. Louis, Mo., daughter of Gen. H. H. Harney, the noted Indian fighter.

In the late nineties Mr. Beauregard returned to New Orleans and purchased the fine old mansion known as General Jackson's home, near the Chalmette battle field. He sold this in 1904 and purchased a residence on State Street, where he resided several years. Deciding again to become a planter he purchased land at Braithwaite Parish, and engaged in the growing of rice. He lived at Braithwaite up to his last illness.

Mr. Bearegard is survived by his wife, a nephew, and several nieces. His brother, Judge R. T. Beauregard, of the State Court of Appeals, died several years ago.

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, February, 1915.

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