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June 9, 1862 6.30 p. m.
General VAN DORN:
Mr. Dulaney, a reliable citizen of this vicinity, reached my camp an hour since, and stated to me that the Federals in large force entered Baldwyn at an early hour this morning. tfhey reported their strength to be 15,000. The informant estimates their force at 10,000. The enemy took him prisoner, and stated to him that they would occupy Fulton before to-morrow noon. I also have information from several sources (undoubted) that they occupy Marietta. The information as to the occupation of Baldwyn and Marietta in force I deem entirely reliable. What the force is I cannot say. I am on the west bank of the river, 2 miles from Fulton. The whole command here numbers some 400 cavalry, Colonel Bradfute being in command. I deemed it important to communicate this information to you at the earliest period.
Very respectfully.
J. D. BENNETT, Lieutenant- Colonel, & c.

Source: Official Records, Series 1, Volume 10, Part 2.

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