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Memoranda on arrest of T. R. Connell, Virginia. 1862.

T. R. Connell.-Sixty-two years of age; miller at Rhinehart's Mill. Denies he had anything to do with the home guard. Says he saw some of them on the turnpike a mile from the mill. Next morning they brought their breakfast to his house, and his wife permitted them to eat it on the porch. Says all he heard of the guard was from May, a millwright, who was repairing the mill. Other prisoners say the mill was guarded at Connell's request, and that he permitted them to eat their breakfast on his porch. He says he has twelve children, one of them an idiot and helpless; some in the West. I cannot think this old man was candid in his examination, but as he is very infirm and sickly and offers to take the oath of allegiance I recommend his discharge on taking the oath.

SOURCE: Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, Series 2, Volume 2, pg. 1457

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