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Memoranda on H. Dane, Prince William County, Virginia, circa 1861-1862

H. Dane.-Aged sixty-seven. Born in New Hampshire. Staid there till he was twenty-three years old. Lived in New York till he was forty-eight. Now lives in Prince William County, six and a half miles from Occoquan. Farmer; sells wood to longboatmen. Has sold none since last spring. Trades to Occoquan. Was an acquaintance and political associate of J. C. Underwood. His sentiments similar to Underwood's. Did not vote at the last election. As to allegiance he says he is inclined to the Government of the United States. Was not able to alter his mind when the State went out of the Union. Hoped to keep along and take sides with neither party. Went to look for his cows. Went up to the pickets and was arrested he believes on the information of A. D. Rowe. Mr. Lynn, delegate from Prince William, says he cannot say for this prisoner what he said for Holland and Reeves. Says prisoner was an abolitionist and of the Underwood party and has given no evidence of change of opinion. I think this man should be held as a prisoner.

SOURCE: Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, Series 2, Volume 2, pg. 1480

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