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Memoranda on arrest of William A. Dolby

William A. Dolby.-Eighteen years old; born in Hardy County; lives on Patterson's Creek. Says his father is a Union man. He is a secessionist. A man named Michael, his cousin, was killed by the militia of Hardy. His father was much enraged and compelled him to join the Union guard under D. Shell. Says his father threatened to turn him away from home if he did not join. He is crippled in his left hip and shoulder, and feared he could not make a living. He joined the guard and had a musket given him. The article signed by him only bound him to defend property from marauders not belonging to either army. Would not have joined the guard if he had been required to make war on the South. He is just out of the hospital and has a bad cough. I believe this young mans story, but as he was taken with arms in his hands he is properly a prisoner of war. I would recommend mercy if I saw how it could be properly extended. For the present I must advise he be held as a prisoner.

SOURCE: Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, Series 2, Volume 2, pgs. 1465-1466

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