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Eiffert Hanks McClelland Morgan

Obituary of John Henry Eiffert, Webber's Falls, Oklahoma.

The oldest Confederate veteran known has joined the silent majority. John Henry Eiffert, of whom a sketch was given in the Veteran for May, 1915, as a veteran of the Confederacy who passed the century mark, died on October 20, 1915, at Webber's Falls, Okla., at the age of one hundred and one years and twenty days. Mr. Eiffert was born in Lexington, S. C., October 1, 1814, and went to East Tennessee in 1830. There in 1848 he married the widow of Dr. R. T. Hanks, who was Margaret Ann Ward Morgan. When the war came on, he joined the second company raised in his town, which was under command of his son-in-law, Capt. Wellington W. McClelland and served during the entire war. After the war he went with his family to the Cherokee Nation (now Oklahoma) and settled at Webber's Falls, where he lived to the time of his death, loved and respected by all who knew him. Even when near his hundreth year he was as active as many men in the eighties and read a great deal, taking great interest in what was going on in the outside world.

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, April, 1916.

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