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Memoranda on arrest of Floyd Gerrold, Virginia, approximately 1862.

Floyd Gerrold.-Aged twenty-one; arrested by Pate's company on the day the fortifications on Coal River near Amos Workman's were taken by Pate's company. Prisoner says that Simon Gerrold, Parris Gerrold, Jackson Gerrold, Irvine Gerrold, Harrison Wall and himself had been hunting cattle in the mountains the day before their arrest. Night came on them near Amos Workman's. They lay down in the woods and slept. In the morning they got breakfast at Amos Workman's. His party each had his hunting rifle. Says several men he did not know breakfasted at Amos Workman's. After breakfast his party started home and were arrested seven or eight miles from Workman's near Gunnoe's. Says he never was a member of the home guard. Never knew of such an organization. Says he and his companions carried their rifles because it was their habit to do so whenever they went into the mountains. Knew nothing of the fortifications. Had no intention to resist any authorities civil or military. In his examination before me William Workman stated the Gerrold's belonged to the home guard. Of the five Gerrolds, three, Simeon, Jackson and Irvine have died in prison. They are all youths related to each other and from seventeen to twenty-one years of age. I cannot help believing they were part of the force dispersed at Amos Workman's fortifications by Pate's company. But I believe they were dupes of older men engaged in this treacherous rebellion, all of whom except William Workman and Floyd Cook have escaped. I think the boys may here-after be proper subjects of mercy; but at present, as this country is in possession of the enemy, I cannot recommend their discharge.

SOURCE: Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, Series 2, Volume 2, pgs. 1460-1461

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