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Jeffries Wright

Letter From Clarence Jeffries About Family Service To Confederacy.

Clarence Jeffries writes from Laredo, Tex.; "I have been a subscriber to the VETERAN for many years, and it has served to make a better American of me, and led me to have a higher regard for the character of the American as man and as soldier. From it I have learned the truth regarding the history of the War between the States and the causes that led up to it...I am also glad to know that my oldest son has the same exaleted opinion of the Southern soldier of that war as I have. He admires the Confederate and his achievments in that great struggle... My grandfather, W. C. Jeffries, was a soldier during all that war, and an uncle of my mother's side, Columbus Wright, was killed at Yellow Bayou. He was in Marmaduke's army, in the company commanded by Captain Cox, of Texas. Would like to hear from any of their surviving comrades."

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, August, 1922.

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