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Lake Smith

Obituary of Ludwell Lake, Remington, Fauquier County, Virginia.

At Remington, Fauquier County, Va., on May 20, 1922, Ludwell Lake passed into rest. His death was sudden and a great shock to his family, as in the case always with sudden deaths. He left a wife and several children, and numerous nephews and nieces.

As a friend and comrade of mine, whom I have known for over half a century, I can truthfully say that I respected and admired him for his many good qualities. He was a member of Mosby's Battalion of Partisan Rangers and equalled any member of the command for gallantry and strict attention to duty. On one occasion when the Yankees had killed his comrade, Lieutenant Ames, Lake, at the risk of his life, dashed in among them and killed the man who was rifling the pockets of his victim. He was a patriot, soldier, and gentleman.

"He has left the memory of a name which will not be forgotten till honor, virtu, and courage, all shall cease to claim the homage of the heart."

[C. M. Smith, Delaplane, Va.]

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, August, 1922.

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