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Letter From H. T. Miley Regarding Trip To Point Lookout, Maryland.

Revisits Old Prison.-H. T. MMiley writes from Summit Point, W. Va.: "My dear VETERAN-for it is dear for me in my declining years; it takes me beck to the time when we suffered cold, hunger, and everything for the sake of our cause, for which none of us are ashamed, thank God-in August of last year I went down to Point Lookout, where I was in prison ten months. I was just curious to know what it looked like. I found that the old prison land had all been sut out by the Chesapeake Bay, and the whole thing was unrecognizable. I was pleased to find all the dead (3,384) had been moved from the island to a plot of ground some two miles from where they were buried, away from the water. The grounds are beautifully sodded, and a handsome monument stands in the center of the lot, with bronze plates having all the names, companies and regiments inscribed thereon, there to await the resurrection of the just. O, the suffering endured there no one can tell, guarded by negroes, who stopped at nothing to insult and torture us!"

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, September, 1916.

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