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No. 39. Lexington, May 2, 1864.

I. In obedience to orders from headquarters Department of the Ohio, the circulation of a book entitled "Life, services, and campaigns of Stonewall Jackson, from official papers, contemporary narratives and acquaintance, by a Virginian," is interdicted within the limits of this command, and the publication and circulation of all other books of a similar character, put forth for similar purposes, are likewise interdicted.

II. The object of such books is not to afford the people correct information regarding the history of the rebellion and its leaders, but are put forth by the traitors themselves, amid republished in the loyal States for the purpose of stirring up discontent and sedition, and encouraging treasonable practices and treasonable conversation by representing the crime of treason in false and alluring colors, and should no more be tolerated than an emissary sent direct by the revolted States to advocate the justice of the rebellion publicly before the people. Any one found with copies of such books in his possession, offering or intending to offer them for sale, is either a traitor or one who loves money better than his country, and his right to the book is declared forfeited, and the same is ordered to be seized and destroyed.

III. Any one found selling or attempting to sell said book after the publication of this order besides having his stock confiscated, will be arrested and reported to these headquarters, to be dealt with for uttering treasonable publications.

IV. All officers of this command, the provost-marshal-general, provost-marshals, and deputy provost-marshals are enjoined to permit no violation of this order and are stringently in all cases to enforce it.

By command of Brigadier-General Burbridge:
Lieut. Col. Twenty-sixth Kentucky Vet. Vols., and A.A.A.U.

Source: Official Records, Series 1, Volume 39, Part 2.

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