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Organization of troops in the District of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, commanded by Maj. Gen. John B. Magruder, for January, 1864.

Western Sub-District
Brig. Gen. Hamilton P. Bee.

Eastern Sub-District
Brig. Gen. James E. Slaughter.

Northern Sub-District
Brig. Gen. Henry E. McCulloch.

Camp near San Bernard
2d Texas Cavalry, Col. Charles L. Pyron.
36th Texas Cavalry, Col. P. C. Woods.
35th Texas Cavalry, Col. J. B. Likens.

Camp near Perry's Landing.
Waul's Texas Legion, Lieut. Col. B. Timmons.
Camp near Cedar Lake.
2d Texas Infantry, Col. Ashbel Smith.
1st Texas Cavalry, Col. A. Buchel.
Brown's Regiment, Col. R. R. Brown.
Texas Battery, Capt. Robert J. Hughes.
Texas Battery, Capt. O. G. Jones.
Texas Battery, Capt. William G. Moseley.

3d Texas Infantry, Col. P. N. Luckett.
13th Texas Infantry, Col. Joseph Bates.
Texas Battery, Capt. William E. Gibson.
Texas Battery, Capt. H. Willke.
Galveston Island
Col. A. T. Rainey.
8th Texas Infantry, Col. A. M. Hobby.
20th Texas Infantry, Col. H. M. Elmore.
1st Texas Heavy Artillery, Col. Joseph J. Cook.
Texas Battery, Capt. A. E. Dege.
Rocket (Texas) Battery, Capt. John S. Greer.
Engineer Troops, Capt. M. G. Howe.
Engineer Troops, Captain N. H. Smith.

Virginia Point
Brig. Gen. Thomas Green.
4th Texas Cavalry, Col. G. J. Hampton.
5th Texas Cavalry, Col. Henry C. McNeill.
7th Texas Cavalry, Col. Arthur P. Bagby.
Waller's Texas Battalion, Lieut. Col. Edward Waller, Jr.
Valverde (Texas) Battery, Capt. T. D., Nettles.
Sabine Pass
8th Texas Infantry, Companies C and K.
21st Battalion (Texas) Infantry, Col. W. H. Griffin.
Spaight's Battalion, Lieut. Col. A. W. Spaight.
Texas Battalion Cavalry, Lieut. Col. Andrew Daly.
Texas Battery, William H. Nichols.

Virginia Point.
Brig. Gen. James P. Major.
2s Texas Partisan Rangers, Col. Isham Chisum.
3d Regiment Arizona Brigade, Capt. Reuben W. McKee.
Baylor's regiment cavalry, Col. George W. Baylor.
Lane's regiment cavalry, Col. W. P. Lane.
Texas Battery, Capt. Edmund Creuzbauer.
Northwester Frontier
Border Battalion Cavalry, Lieut. Col. James Bourland.

33d Texas Cavalry, Col. James Duff.
Battalion Texas Cadets, Lieut. Col. Philip Fulcrod.
Texas Battery, Capt. George R. Dashiell.
Camp near mouth of Caney.
Debray's Texas Cavalry, Col. X. B. Debray.
Gould's Texas Cavalry, Col. N. C. Gould.
Terrell's Texas Cavalry, Col. A. W. Terrell.
Texas Battery, Capt. M. V. McMahon.

San Antonio
Maj. A. G. Dickinson.
Baird's regiment cavalry, Col. Spruce M. Baird.
Unattached Texas cavalry company, Capt. Alfred B. Menard.
Unattached Texas cavalry company, Capt. C. B. Sutton.
Texas Battery, Capt. H. H. Christmas.

SOURCE: Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, Series 1, Volume 34, Part 2.

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