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Letter About Monument to John Wilkes Booth In Troy, Alabama. Erected By Pink Parker.

Some Northern publications have lately carried the statement that the monument to John Wilkes Booth, which was erected at Troy, Ala., by Pink Parker, in his own front yard, had been removed by action of the town council, influenced by the pressure brought to bear by a woman's organization. While regretting to disappoint those who were so eager for its removal that they had anticipated it, the VETERAN has been informed that nothing had been done about it. Since the death of Mr. Parker, the plot had been neglected and the stone had simply fallen among the grass and weeds, where it can still be found among the grass and weeds, where it can still be found by those who take the trouble to search for it. The same papers have started the story that the Wirz monument at Andersonville was to be removed by demand of the Confederate veterans of Georgia. Without going into all that, the VETERAN ventures to assert that this monument will never be removed, unless it be to more commanding site. This reminder of that judicial murder must be rather irritating to those who sanctioned it, but it will stand nevertheless.

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, August, 1922.

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