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Powell Stevens

Letter from Mrs. Smith Powell, Waco, Texas.

In renewing the subscription which had gone to her late husband, Mrs. Smith Powell writes from Waco, Tex., that she does so in memory of him and to help perpetuate the literature bearing on the noble lives of the heroes of the War between the States. She also says: "We want our young people to be familiar not only with the names of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, but with the history of their lives and achievements. I want to thank the friends, the old comrades, who wrote to my invalid husband before he passed away in the hospital in Rusk, Tex. I read to him each one of their letters, brought to memories scenes of the past. One of those letters was from an old-time friend, Jim Stevens, who edited the Columbus (Miss.) Index at the time of our marriage in 1870, and who wrote so beautifully of that event. He later came to Texas and edited a paper in Burnett. I wonder if he is still living."

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, April, 1922.

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