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Coxe Quarterman

Letter From F. J. Quarterman Defending The Cavalry.

Defending The Cavalry-F. J. Quarterman, of DeWitt, Ga., who served in Company G, Jeff Davis Legion, takes issue with Comrade John Coxe, in defense of the cavalrymen of the Confederacy. He says: "In the VETERAN for November, page 443, your man of the Hampton Legion makes a very disparaging remark about or cavalrymen when he asks, 'Who ever saw a dead cavalry man'?" I can tell him that I have seen piles of dead cavalrymen, in heaps, and I have many times seen cavalrymen dismount and fight on foot like infantry; and when night came the cavalrymen went on picket next to the enemy and kept guard while the infantrymen slept. In all the great battles in Virginia the cavalrymen had their part of the line to hold; they had to supply their own horses, and when a cavalryman's horse was disabled he had to find another or go to the trenches with the infantry."

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, May, 1922.

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