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Order commending Capt. J. J. Dickson, Second Florida Cavalry, Palatka, Florida. April 11, 1863

Lake City, April 11, 1863

The brigadier-general commanding has much pleasure in commending in the highest degree the gallantry and bravery of Capt. J. J. Dickison, Company H, Second Florida Cavalry, his officers and men, in their victory over the enemy, on the 27th March, at Palatka. The enemy landed in large force, and were doubtless sure of an easy victory at so isolated a point, but they were met by Captain Dickison and his gallant men with a coolness and daring deserving the emulation of all soldiers. They attacked the enemy with their small-arms, and in comparatively open view of the formidable batteries of their gunboat, and drove them on board in the greatest confusion, killing and wounding many, and without loss to themselves.

The brigadier-general commanding also notices with the highest approbation the vigilance and good services of this company ever since its entrance upon the active duties of the service. Being stationed at an isolated point, at a long distance from support, they have performed their duty well and faithfully, and have rendered as useful service to the country, and particularly to the civil interests of the district, as any other troops in the world of the same number could have done, and they deserve in the highest degree the thanks not only of the commanding general but of the whole district.

By order of Brigadier-General [Joseph] Finegan.:

Major and Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.

SOURCE: Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, Series 1, Volume 14, pg. 239-240

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