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Memoranda on Arrest of Isaac Scarborough, Fayette, Virginia.

Isaac Scarborough.-Fifty-one years old; says he was born in Monroe: moved to Fayette, near Raleigh; when arrested was within two miles of home going with a load of beeswax and ginseng down toward Kanawha to sell. Does not know to whom he expected to sell it. Had heard a man named Levens bought ginseng. Heard he kept a store; cannot say who told him so. Thinks Mr. Guss' people told him so. Denies he had any connection with the Northern or Union men. Arrested by the Caskie Rangers. They took his horse; told him they had orders to take back all the ___. Said there was no charge against him. Says he voted against the ordinance of secession, but supports the South. Gave Caskie Rangers a horse worth $100 and fine beef-cattle. His arrest was just before the Northern men went to Raleigh. Willing to take the oath of allegiance. I have no evidence about this man except his own examination. His conduct in starting to Kanawha just before the Yankees went to Raleigh is very suspicious, and justifies his arrest. But it amounts to no more than suspicion, and after his long imprisonment I think he may be discharged on taking the oath of allegiance.

SOURCE: Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, Series 2, Volume 2, pg. 1449

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