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Howard Simmons

Advertisement from Dr. George B. Howard for Information on A. J. Simmons.

Dr. George B. Howard, of Mound City, Ill., in order to get a pension for the widow of Sergt. A. J. Simmons, wants to communicate with any of the following: Lieutenant Hale, of Company F; Lieutenant Yarbrough, of Company C; Lieutenant Owens, of Company G; Sergeant Harding, of Company H; Sergeant Barnes, of Company E-all detailed in 1864 from the 3d Regiment of Kentucky Mounted Infantry, with other officers from the Army of Tennessee and Mississippi, to see that the conscript law was enforced in the mountains of Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and Kentucky. Information is wanted to whether they were captured, discharged, or what became of them.

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, April, 1916.

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