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Confederate Memoranda on Joseph Snapp, Virginia. Circa 1861-1862.

Joseph Snapp.-Born in Woodstock. When fourteen years old taken to Augusta County; then to Greenbrier; thence to Monroe; thence he moved to Mercer County, where he was arrested and sent here. He says he was arrested by the Yankees and compelled to take the oath of allegiance. On his return he was trying to get his family out of Mercer to take them to his fathers in East Tennessee when he was arrested. Says he is entirely Southern in his feelings and does not regard the forced oath of allegiance to the United States binding. Says he intended to volunteer as soon as his family were placed in safety. Is willing now to volunteer. I have learned from persons I have examined, particularly from Northern soldiers I have examined that the U. S. troops in Western Virginia compel citizens unfriendly to them to take the oath of allegiance, and very often the persons thus compelled to take the oath become the most deadly and dangerous enemies of the North- ern army. I recommend he be permitted to volunteer.

SOURCE: Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, Series 2, Volume 2, pg. 1485

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