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Hewett Moyer Reese Stanley Wright

Obituary of William H. Stanley, Birmingham, Alabama.

From the memorial tribute by a committee, composed of E. A. Wright, R. G. Hewett, and Carloss Reese, appointed by Camp Wilcox, U. C. V., of Birmingham, Ala., in honor of Capt. William H. Stanley, the following is taken:

"Comrade William H. Stanley was born in Lynchburg, Va., on May 18, 1846, the son of William and Martha Stanley. When the War between the States began, in 1861, he was a student in the city of his birth. He enlisted there in June, 1861, in Lee's Battery, commanded by Captain Anderson. Immediately on its organization the company was ordered to Staunton, Va., and thence to Cheat Mountain, Va. Is first engagement was on top of Rich Mountain, where it was defeated and driven back to Philippi. It was then ordered to Monterey and later went into winter quarters on Rich Mountain, remaining there until another engagement was fought, in which Captain Anderson was killed. It was then ordered to Luray Valley, under Stonewall Jackson, and fought through the noted valley campaign, participating in nearly all the battles. Returning with Jackson to Richmond, it took part in the Seven Days' engagements and continued with Jackson up to and including the battle of Chancellorsville. After the death of Jackson the company was in a battalion till the close of the war.

"Comrade Stanley was a brave, gallant, and fearless soldier, and it is said that he participated in twenty-two battles. At Mine Run, Captain Raines was killed, and Stanley caught him in his arms as he fell from his horse.

"Captain Stanley was married to Miss Martha C. Moyer, of St. Augustine, Pa., in November, 1870: and in 1885 he moved to Birmingham, Ala, where his spirit of comradeship soon gained him a host of friends. He was always interested in the affairs ofhis community, and his advice and counsel were depended upon. His death occurred on December 17, 1914.

SOURCE: Confederate Veteran Magazine, June, 1915.

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