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Sheffey Staunton Tate

Confederate Memoranda on A. C. Staunton, Augusta County, Virginia, circa 1861-1862

A. C. Staunton.-Born in Augusta County, Va., and raised there. Shoemaker by trade. When he was of age he removed to Alleghany Connty, where he engaged in business. His business was in Alleghany and Pocahontas Counties. Says he quit business there and returned to Augusta. Last summer he went to Alleghany and Pocahontas to collect money due him and get any jobs of work he could. From Pocahontas he went to join the Wise Legion. He says he volunteered in Captain Pollock's company, Wise's Legion. He had a pair of pistols he offered for sale soon after he got to the camp and before he was regularly mustered into service. A man who wished to purchase his pistols was examining them with him. While prisoner had one of the pistols in his hand it went off and wounded a man in another tent. He was arrested and sent on here. Says he is a Southern man. Wishes to support the Confederacy and is anxious to volunteer. Mr. William Tate, delegate from Augusta, says he has known the father and family of the prisoner for a good many years. They are very much respected in their position in life and are true to the Southern cause. Some years since Mr. Tate removed from the neighborhood in which Staunton lived to another part of the county and has not since seen much of the prisoner and heard he had gone to some [sic]. Is a respectable man and his statements may be relied on. Mr. H. W. Sheffey, delegate, and Colonel Christian, senator from Augusta, both say Staunton's family are respectable and on the Southern side. They have no particular knowledge of Staunton. If this man is here as a military prisoner there ought to be some notice of him in the War Department. He is returned to me as a citizen prisoner. If he be a citizen prisoner I recommend his discharge on taking the oath of allegiance and that he be permitted to join some company.

SOURCE: Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, Series 2, Volume 2, pgs. 1481-1482

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