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Caskie Ticknor Wriston

Memoranda on John Wriston, taken Virginia, circa 1861-1862.

John Wriston.-Born on Clear Fork of Coal River. Lives on Johnson's Branch of Loop Creek. Says [he] voted against the ordinance of secession but when the State went out he went with it. Says he has not been from home this summer except to go to places in the neighborhood. Had nothing to do with the home guards; knows only from report who belong to it. Says he saw the Northern troops the day he was arrested. Says he went with his brother Caleb and Mr. Johnson to mill. Does not know what Johnson said to induce the pickets to let them pass. Denies there was any concerted story. Says he went to mill because he was out of meal. He was arrested at the mill by Caskie Rangers. Says he saw the Northern troops at another time. They came up the creek. He had gone to a neighbors to get some snap beans and saw them pass. Never gave information in any way to the enemy. Captain Caskie and Mr. Ticknor, private in Caskie Rangers, know nothing against this man. There is another John Wriston, the uncle of this man, living on Paint Creek who has been active in aiding the enemy, and another man of the name of Wriston whom it was desired to arrest. I think it probable these two men have been supposed to be the two dangerous men. I have no information which justifies holding this man a prisoner. I therefore recommend his discharge on taking oath of allegiance.

SOURCE: Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, Series 2, Volume 2, pg. 1474

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